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Tension, Direction, and Expansion (The Way of Spiritual Growth)

A lot of my insights on spiritual matters come from observations in nature. I am a person that loves to be in the presence of the natural world and can feel both communion and communication with Nature. One very important lesson that nature has been teaching me is how it expands and grows. I believe that this lesson was given to me because I was sensing that It was time for growth in my own life and I wasn’t exactly sure how this functioned.

Contemplating the infinite capacity of existence it seemed to me that the universe should be this stagnant thing that is forever dormant due to its unlimited potential for space and time. However Nature revealed to me that its expansion and growing capabilities are due to the build up of tension, as an example lets use a volcano. In the simplest of explanations the magna within the earth expands, because the Volcano tends to keep its integrity there is a build up. Once the force of the build up is greater than its capacity to contain it then there is the explosion. This example of build-up, tension, and release/ expansion can be seen all throughout nature such as in the weather, earthquakes, waves in the oceans, Star formation and death, plants germination and growth, to even the animal kingdom with the birth of new offspring. This concept of build-up, tension and expansion is present throughout all of existence.

This same concept can even be observed throughout human interactions. As an example whenever there is any kind revolution or social change we will notice that tension builds in the society, The tension is usually held together by social order, laws and normals until eventually there is a change that occurs to accommodate the build up or explosion that usually results in rebellion, social upheaval or even war. By knowing this fundamental law we can begin to use it to our advantage specifically towards spiritual growth.

The key to using this process for the purpose of our elevations depends on one thing, Direction! Unlike nature which comparatively has a limited choice in the direction it choses to release, Humans have the ability to chose in which way they excel towards. The key is to focus ones efforts on the goal and from a spiritual stand point this tends to be towards virtues such as truth, compassion, steadfastness, gratefullness, pity, purity or perhaps to sum it up, God. Instead some seeking something physical or something concrete like a better job, a car, or a house, the spiritual minded person seeks to make virtue or God their aim. For all other things will flow from the obtainment of these goals. The significance of intentional direction in the process of build-up, Tension and Expansion is where once the expansion occurs then the force equal to the tension will catapult the self to a higher more divine existence. As so long as we can keep up our integrity which is made up of our current virtues or union with the Supreme then own growth into divine beings is certain.

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