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After experiencing a phenomena that could only be described as a Godly Calling, Dorian traveled to Rishekesh India where he  received his 200 RYT yoga certification from the Vinyasa Yoga School. Since then he has taught in various settings including Colleges, Churches, Camps, Nursing homes, and etc. In 2017 he received his certification in Yin Yoga from The Integral Yoga Institute in NYC. In addition to Yoga Dorian is also a trained Hypnotist and provides Dream coaching to help people communicate effectively with their souls.


"The man who makes God his beloved, what more does he want? His heart becomes awakened to all the beauty there is within and without. To him God is all-in-all, To him, God is everywhere. If he goes to the Christian Church, the Jewish Synagogue, the Buddhist Temple, The Hindu Shrine, or the Muslim Mosque, there is God. In the wilderness, in the forest, in the ground, everywhere he sees God."

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